How to Use Citronella and Lemongrass Essential Oils to Naturally Ward Off Those Pesky Mosquitoes

The weather, as a minimum at the East Coast, has been very wet for multiple months now so we have no longer had to worry approximately those pesky mosquitoes! but, all of us realize that as quickly because it starts offevolved to get warm out we are all in problem. the ones mosquitoes may be anywhere biting and anxious everyone. i have written this text to provide instructions to folks that are curious to make their personal natural mosquito repellent using Citronella and Lemongrass vital Oils.

I personally have a truly horrific allergy to mosquitoes, they do not simply reason a bump and get actual itchy. For me, they swell really huge (the size of a small lemon) and weep in the middle. For me they may be genuinely painful. i’m constantly searching out a sturdy repellent to maintain them faraway from me. I do use the everyday keep bought manufacturers however I can not stand the smell of them. similarly, the chemical substances in the ones are even worse for us.

As i have written before, i am an avid believer in vital oils so I went on a quest to discern out how to use vital oils to make my very own herbal mosquito repellent. I commenced with research to decide what crucial oils have commonplace makes use of that encompass insect repellents. even though there are quite some, the 2 that struck me have been Citronella critical Oil and Lemongrass important Oil. the main reasons these two struck me was due to the fact i like the smell of every of them. every of them has a lemony scent that blend so perfectly collectively.

I continually make my very own natural body CBD Lotion so what I attempted became this. I took an oz of natural frame lotion and introduced six drops of Citronella essential Oil and six drops of Lemongrass crucial Oil and combined them up nicely and rubbed it on to my extremities. I surely was mystified at how nicely this labored. I actually watched the mosquitoes fly up and fly away!

The fine part of this homemade remedy is that it’s far plenty more low cost to make your personal and you’ve the peace of mind understanding you are not placing chemical substances into your frame.

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