Brand Name Blinds vs. Non-public Label Blinds

Permit me commence this story with a undesirable analogy. If you went to a vehicle dealer and was offered the choice among a Toyota and a less pricey Toyota look-alike which would you select? The salesman would invariably tell you that you will find no distinction because they are created in the same manufacturing facility. In addition, that due to the fact the producer didn’t set the Toyota label on the automobile, it is twenty% cheaper. How could that be? All factors becoming equivalent, it stands to explanation that there has to be a qualitative purpose for the difference in price tag. If not, then the reason for the variation in value is that the identify brand stuff is marked-up way way too a lot. So considerably, in reality, that the maker can make the identical stuff, supply it as a personal label and still make a decent revenue. Or, possibly the appear-alike Toyota was produced by a vehicle organization you’ve never listened to of.

To keep on my argument on the 1st level, that currently being there is a high quality variation among the two. I question what the high quality distinction is in between a no-label window blind and a nicely-acknowledged brand like Hunter Douglas, or Levolor. Do they use less expensive mechanisms and supplies? That seems not likely since it would cost them income to run two individual manufacturing lines to make about the same blind or shade. I was buying on the web for new vertical blinds and discovered a reasonably considerable price tag distinction in between what seemed to be equivalent blinds – the brand name identify and the no-title. So I referred to as their toll free number to inquire who produced their signature line, I was instructed that it was a business referred to as Springs. I have never read of Springs in contrast to the Hunter Douglas brand which I have heard of. Handful of folks could name much more then two manufacturers of blinds and shades at least I could not right up until I started buying for them. But, odds are, Hunter Douglas and Levolor are manufacturers folks know. Private Label Powder Capsules are enormous companies and make all kinds of window remedies and fashions.

The plot thickens. It turns out that most, as much as I know, of the nicely-known blind manufacturers do not promote a non-public label range. They are a lot more interested in preserving their manufacturer integrity. So it would seem to be that the validity of my original hypothesis has endured some erosion. But all I really did was occur entire circle and back to my original issue. Is there a high quality difference among a well-recognized brand name and a private label? If not, then the cost cost savings is possibly not value it. That is except if they arrive with the very same warranty. For the most portion they do.

I commenced looking through the customer evaluations to locate out if there was a apparent variation between scores of the brand name title blinds as opposed to the personal label blinds. Apparently, and somewhat ironically, I noticed that the average rating was marginally reduce for the Hunter Douglas blinds as opposed to the signature (private label) blinds. Perhaps this was a case of enhanced expectations. Individuals know Hunter Douglas, put in the large bucks and experienced correspondingly high anticipations. Kind of like if you acquired a Mercedes and the doors rattled or they utilized a cheap plastic for the climate manage buttons.

In the conclude, I figured that between the higher client scores, the expense savings and the related warranties the non-public label blinds would do just locate for me. I went ahead and bought some vertical blinds and so far have been pleased. I may possibly be a tough buyer but you know what they say, Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware.

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